What We Offer

Toys. Books. CDs.

All that your child ever needs! All under one roof.

FREE Home Delivery

Why struggle with traffic. We provide FREE Delivery.


Unlimited Toys, CDs and Books for a tiny monthly fee.

Better than BUYING

Play with what you like and when bored, EXCHANGE it for a new one.

NO "Late Fees"

We never charge any late fees. Enjoy at leasure!

Clean and Sanitized

Products cleaned and sanitized after each rental. No compromise at all. Try for yourself.


There are no parents in the world who do not buy Toys, Books or CDs for their children.

  • Problem

    Kids play with toys or read books and finish them in less then a week or so.

  • What if you could rent toys, books and cds instead of purchasing them everytime for your children?


  • Solution

    Tiny Tots Kids Library is a great solution to renting thousands of Toys, Books and CDs instead of purchasing them at exhorbitant prices and save money.



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